Discount Drug Card: Who Should Get a Discount Prescription Card?

You may have seen them online. Your bank or another business you frequent may have offered you one. But the first thing you thought was, “Do I really need one of these things?”

The truth is, discount prescription cards are free and can save you a lot of money. There uss no harm in getting one and the benefits are definitely worth it. So lets look at who can benefit from these cards.

The uninsured can save with a prescription discount card.

It goes without question that if you are not insured, you can save money with a pharmacy card. These cards are often free and accepted at a wide variety of pharmacies. They work by providing a discount when you get a prescription filled at the pharmacy. Just present the card to the pharmacy when you drop off the prescription. That’s all there is to it.

Seniors can benefit by using one.

Often times seniors are on a fixed income. These cards are free to get, free to use and can provide a discount on many medication. Many of the drugs seniors use regularly are not covered on their prescription plans. These discount card can provide savings on medications thad are not covered.

Another way seniors can save it’s when they are on a Medicare part D plan. Using one of these cards on generics can help them avoid the donut hole. It can also help those who have fallen into the donut hole.

Those with insurance can also benefit.

This one is a little less obvious and may require some research. There are often times when a persons copay on a medication is more than the price they would pay using the discount card. This can be amplified if a larger quantity is purchased. For example, if the copay for a thirty day supply of medication in $15 and the insurance restricts the insured to getting just one month at a time, it may be possible to get a ninety day supply of the same medication with the card for under $20. This would save $10 when compared to paying three copays with the insurance. The card holder also saves time and gas by not needing to make three trips to the pharmacy.

The bottom line is everyone who uses the pharmacy had the potential to save while using a discount prescription card.

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