Prescription Card: Save on Divalproex With a Prescription Drug Card


If you get a free prescription drug card you could save a lot of money on divalproex.

Divalproex was originally marketed under the brand name Depakote™. It is available as an immediate release and an extended release tablet as well as capsule.

It was originally developed to treat seizures either alone out in combination with other medications. More recently it is being used to treat other conditions including mania, bipolar disorder, pain and other conditions.

When purchasing the brand named product, you can expect it to be quite expensive, even with insurance. In fact many insurance companies will not cover the brand name without prior authorization from the doctor.

For those without insurance, it would be more cost effective to purchase the generic medication. Unfortunately out is still quite expensive.

In fact, of you were going to purchase 180 tablets of Depakote™ without insurance it would cost around $800.00 while the generic would still be around $500.00. But if you used a prescription drug card you could get the same generic medication for just about $100.00.

This kind of savings can be seen with many other medications.

Get a free prescription drug card today.

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