Why Get A Free Prescription Drug Card?

If you already have a pharmacy benefit, your insurance card typically does not cover many drugs. Drugs often excluded are anorexiants, appetite suppressants, antacids, anti-obesity, contraceptive devices and implants, cosmetic drugs for hair growth or wrinkles, diagnostic supplies and devices, hypnotics and sedatives, immunizations and vaccines, drugs for impotence, fertility, injectable supplies, medical supplies, nutritional supplies, smoking cessation prescriptions, prenatal vitamins, and many more. OUR PHARMACY CARD PROVIDES DISCOUNTS FOR ALL OF THESE!

So, whether you have insurance coverage or not – everyone should have a Prescription discount drug card. You never know when your prescription plan won’t cover your medication, or when it could even be cheaper than your insurance co-pay.  Best of all, you can get this prescription drug card for free right now.

pharmacy card

Get Your Free Prescriptions Discount Card

Save big on medications at the point of purchase from the pharmacy. No other drug card in America even comes close to this. So don’t think, and get started with savings right now!

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